On this page, i will explain how to setup Valve's source filmmaker tools leftover in the beta, tricks you can perform with the tool and how to fix technical problems with the program. I will also periodically post my own films (Accidental Apocalypse Studios) or other SFM related works. If you have any tips or things you'd like posted here, e-mail me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

SFM dlls in Portal - I shit you not!

Mysfit and djshox have been experimenting...no, not like that you sick fuck! They some Portal content to run with the tool .dlls. If i have time tomorrow, i'll see if i can pull a magical tutorial out of my ass, but it's already pretty clogged of a bunch of other shit i have to do tomorrow, so i won't bore you with the...uh...brown details (lol poop jokes)


  1. Looks like buildcubemaps isn't working again. Seems to be a common problem with newer maps.

  2. Follow my tutorial on custom maps and it should fix your issue